1-631-675-1080 for Remote Tech Support
1-631-403-5000 for FCC Testing information and Scheduling




Providing Remote Tech Support and Testing – for the USA
Located in South Carolina, serving the US.

Outstanding Remote Tech Support

Providing multiple support options from one time service to long term or yearly maintenance.

Payment for Services is

due upon receipt.

Select Service Payment

Select the service you have received and choose payment method.
We accept any major credit-card or debit card, Stripe, Found.com, and PayPal.

Do not pay in advance. You will be provided services and then make payment. 

Single FCC Element Exam

This is for a Single Exam. Payment is $125.00

(2) FCC Element Exams

This is for (2) Exams. Typically Elements 1/3. $250.00

(3) FCC Element Exams

(3)  Exams Typically Elements 1 & 3 plus Element 8 

Remote Tech Support

Remote Tech Support services provided at $120/HR. Use this when you technician tells you to. Do not pay in advance.